Rowe continues her scoring ways in CBU win.

Rowe continues her scoring ways in CBU win.

(Sydney, NS) - On a cold and windy October 5th your CBU Capers went head to head against the Mount Allison Mounties and took the game 5-0 and right off the bat you could tell that CBU wanted to apply the pressure with two great looks in the first two minutes from Rachel Leck (Pickering, ON)  and Erin Freeman (Halifax, NS) . The wind was playing a huge factor in this game with multiple corner kicks from the Capers going wide with the strong gusts of winds.


In the 7th minute Ciera Disipio had a free-kick a few meters above the penalty box but she had to keep the ball low because of the winds which made for an easy save by the Mounties keeper Kaitlyn Strickland (Elmsdale, NS ) but the shutout didn't last for long because in the 9th minute Allyiah Rowe (Kitchener, ON) got a beauty of a pass by Amelia Carlini (Ottawa, ON) to give the Capers the 1-0 lead early on in the first half.


Multiple times in the first half of this game number 7 Fatou Ndiaye (Pierrefonds, QC) used her amazing speed to get past the Mounties defenders to get great looks at the net but got cut short multiple times.


In the 20th minute, a long shot by Amelia Carlini (Ottawa, ON)  got past the keeper to hit the top corner and give the Capers a 2-0 lead halfway through the first half. In the 28th minute Allyiah Rowe (Kitchener, ON) had a great look at the net but was stopped by the Mounties keeper but she wouldn't be denied because in the 29th minute after a great pass by Ciera Disipio (Ottawa ,ON) Rowe got her goal past the keeper to give the Capers a 3-0 lead in the first half.


In the 37th minute Ciera Disipio (Ottawa, ON) took a short corner and got the ball back and had a great look but the wind carried the ball too high and it went above the crossbar.


In the 43rd minute, Fatuo Ndiaye had a great look getting past multiple defenders but again a nice stop by Mountie keeper. In the 43rd minute Allyiah Rowe (Kitchener, ON) had a nice pass to Fatuo Ndiaye Pierrefondss, QC) but  after a scrambl,e the keeper came away with another save. The last rush by the Capers in the first half came from  Ciera Disipio (Ottawa ,ON) but after another stop by the Mounties keeper, the half was concluded.


In the second half the Capers were against the wind meaning they had to be careful with their kicks and where everyone is on the field, Using the wind to their advantage the Mounties had a few good looks at the net early in the 2nd half but they were easily taken care of by CBU keeper Rachel Yerxa (Mississauga, ON). In the 56th minute Allyiah Rowe (Kitchener ,ON) had another great look at the net but a Mounties defender deflected it away. Not too long after, in the 58th minute, a smart pass by Erin Freeman (Halifax,NS), Rachel Leck (Pickering, ON) did a chip pass over the keeper to herself to score the 4th goal of the game! 


In the 62nd minute, Rachel Leck (Pickering, ON) had another great look at the net but the keeper stood strong making a diving save.


In the 66th minute Ciera Disipio (Ottawa, ON)made a great pass to Rachel Leck (Pickering, ON) to get past the Mounties goalie for her second goal of the game and too continue the CBU Capers dominance. 


In the 84th minute, Allyiah Rowe (Kitchener, ON) had a great free kick but the wind seemed to be her worst enemy this game as the ball got blown off to the side. Rowe had a few great looks late in this game that almost found the back of the net. That was the last bit of play in this great home win by the CBU Capers as they took this game 5-0 and for her 2 goals, Alliyah Rowe was named Subway player of the game! 


If you would like to catch the Capers women's team in action, their next home game is on October 18th at 5:00 PM against STFX! 


For CBU athletics/ Daniel Briand