Budhoo & Bent Super in CAPERS Dominant Win

Budhoo & Bent Super in CAPERS Dominant Win

(Sydney, NS) - The CBU Capers took on STFX today and they won comfortably 3-1. The game started out by CBU coming out firing out of all cylinders, in the fourth minute of the game Charlie Waters (Lancashire, UK)  set up Cory Bent (Preston, UK)  for the easy tap in to give the Capers an early 1-0 lead. The Capers wanted to put pressure on the STFX keeper out of the gate and it worked. The referee was calling a very tight game, not letting anything go. The Capers seemed to be in control of the game as Corey Bent (Preston, UK)  set up Charlie Waters (Lancashire, UK) for an open shot but it went wide. The home side stayed in control for a while and Caelan Budhoo (Winnipeg, MB) tried a long ball chip shot and he was successful in finding the back of the net to give the Capers a 2-0 lead! Late in the first half STFX had a great chance from a direct kick and after it hit off the goalpost, Nick Aquino did a great job for STFX tracking it down and putting it past keeper Ben Jackson (Bury, UK) to get STFX on the scoreboard and make the score 2-1 at halftime.


The second half started with STFX getting a quick shot on net but goalkeeper Ben Jackson made a great sliding save and controlling the ball. After that, the Capers went on the offensive with a great shot by Charlie Waters (Lancashire, UK) but another save by STFX keeper Seamas Macdonald (Antigonish, NS) kept it 2-1. After STFX cleared the ball the Capers went on a run down the field and as the keeper Seamus Macdonald (Antigonish, NS) came out to pressure, Caelan Budhoo (Winnipeg, MB) put it past him to score his second goal of the game and add to the Capers lead making it 3-1.


Trying to make it a larger lead Charlie Waters (Lancashire, UK) had a great look at the net but shot wide in the 56th minute and not long after Caelan Budhoo (Winnipeg, MB) had a great look of his own but again the ball went wide after a tip by keeper Seamus Macdonald.


STFX had a great scoring opportunity in the 61st minute but Ben Jackson (Bury, UK) did a great job rushing the striker to alter the shot and make it go wide. Budhoo did a great job all game getting scoring chances and firing whenever he got a good look and that's how he finished the game and it worked well because he scored 2 goals in this match, and that was why he won the Subway Player of the Game.


The end of the game showed CBU controlling the ball and making sure STFX had no chances to score. The final score being 3-1 as the Capers win again! 


If you would like to watch CBU play tomorrow at 3:00 PM, they take on Memorial! 


For CBU Athletics/ Daniel Briand