MSOC: National Champs draw with MUN 0-0

MSOC: National Champs draw with MUN 0-0

 (St. John's, NL) – Head Coach Jake Stanford pushed his team to their limits in an impressive physical showdown between the two sides. Cape Breton outshot Memorial three to one for attempts on target, most of the game was played in Memorial's half.

Memorial started the first half with a high intensity, and in the first 15 minutes took two shots from Ronaldo Morris (St. John's, NL) and Sean Henderson (St. John's, NL). After the first 20 minutes of the half, Memorial started to slow down and Cape Breton took hold of the game.  

In the 45thminute, Cape Breton's Marcus Campanile (Edinburgh, UK) had a header that hit the crossbar, and seconds later CBU player Cory Bent (Preston, UK) rocketed the ball to the top corner but Memorial keeper Sam Hawco (Mount Pearl, NL) tipped it just over the bar. 

The second half brought more of an attacking onslaught from the Capers, and Memorial Coach Jake Stanford switched his formation to a five-man defensive line, trying to hold the 0-0 draw. That didn't stop the Capers from goal attempts, and in the 50thminute Caper Cory Bent took a shot past Hawco but Sea-Hawks defender Mike O'Brien (Mount Pearl, NL) made an impressive defensive save. 

In the 59thminute Cape Breton had an unbelievable play when midfielder Caelen Budhoo (Winnipeg, MB) bicycle kicked it to teammate Stuart Heath (Belfast, IE), who in turn also did a bicycle kick to the net but was saved by Memorial Keeper Hawco. 

Towards the end of the match, Memorial's Mike O'Brien and Harry Carter (St. John's, NL) put their bodies on the line to stop the Caper's with two separate well-executed slide tackles. CBU's captain Stuart Heath kept his team focused and motivated, while he himself had a strong performance until he was injured in the later moments of the game. Cape Breton gave everything they could to score until the final whistle was blown. 

The CAPERS next play host to the Saint Mary's Huskies on October 12th, 7.15pm

Written By Sydney Hector