Chase the Ace for Amateur Sport

Chase the Ace for Amateur Sport

Cape Breton Amateur Sports announces Chase the Ace Lottery in an effort to keep Cape Breton kids active and provide more amateur sports opportunities, with a minimum start cash prize of $10,000


Thursday, September 13, 2018 - Cape Breton Amateur Sports launches their first ever Chase the Ace lottery with a minimum start cash prize of $10,000. Cape Breton Amateur Sport is a group of four organizations, Basketball Cape Breton, Soccer Cape Breton, Volleyball Cape Breton, and CBU Athletics.

The four groups have come together in an effort to support amateur sport in Cape Breton and provide more opportunities for kids to play sport and be active. Our Chase the Ace will support over 3,000 youth athletes throughout Cape Breton.

Ebou Secka, Executive Director of Volleyball Cape Breton said, "We are trying to remove barriers and give all youth the opportunity to be active and participate. This is why this lottery is so important"

John Ryan, Director of Athletics and Student Life at Cape Breton University, said "Our goal is to continue to build quality sports opportunities for children and youth. Through partnerships, we hope to remove barriers to sports participation, enhance program delivery and allow more children to experience all the positive benefits of sport."


Ken MacLean, President of the Board for Soccer Cape Breton said "its essential to provide opportunities for youth to participate in organized team sports because you gain life skills such as accountability, teamwork, and build a strong work ethic."

Chris MacPhee, Executive Director of Basketball Cape Breton said "Kids who are involved in sport are less likely to get in trouble with the law, they perform better in school and develop greater communication and social skills."

Studies have shown that playing sports is important for kids because it helps build self-esteem and improves confidence in themselves. Its also a place where kids learn how to share, develop a healthy lifestyle and meet new friends.

The draw will take place each Monday night at 8 pm at Basketball Cape Breton, located in the Centennial Arena in Sydney. Our first draw will take place on Monday, September 24, 2018.

Thanks to our many volunteers, tickets can be purchased at any of the following participating locations:

Centennial Arena, CBU Athletics, Mr. Paint, Colburne's, Aarc Salon and Spa, Fired Creations, CB Proud Island Strong, Regional Hospital, Ugly Mug, and Tamarind Optical. Please refer to our Facebook page for additional vendor updates and locations.